Irwin Container & Packaging Corp.
Needham, MA 02492
Phone: 781-444-7774
Fax: 781-444-7776

About Us

Irwin Container & Packaging Corp. has been operating in Needham, Massachusetts since 1963 and has established a solid reputation as a supplier of packaging solutions. We provide corrugated boxes and sheets, chipboard, polyethylene bags and other packaging materials throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors based on competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

Irwin Container & Packaging Corp. steadfastly maintains a tradition of providing products and services that exceed our clients’ expectations and we go out of our way to guarantee customer satisfaction by partnering with our clients. Our product and service
innovations are a direct result of customer feedback and industry standards.

Irwin Container & Packaging Corp.
PO Box 920037
Needham, Massachusetts 02492

Those who wish to get in touch with Irwin Container & Packaging Corp. may send their correspondence to the company's official post office box.

Emails may be sent to They may call (781) 444-7774 or fax (781) 444-7776. 

Irwin Container & Packaging's business hours are from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. from Monday to Friday.

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